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OpenJCS – A proposal for a true enterprise class batch scheduler.


Put simply, OpenJCS (Open Job Control System) is an attempt to bring to everyone the kind of scheduling power that could be found only in schedulers costing tens of thousands of dollars per installation (if it could be found at even that pricey altitude). OpenJCS will put you in control of your batch load, not the other way around. It will let you schedule what you want, where you want, when you want and how you want. You will be able to organize your machines however you see fit, aggregating them into groups that make sense to you. You will even be able to set up virtual hosts made up of groups of machines so that you can distribute batch processing among them. OpenJCS will support multiple calendars (and even custom calendars) and will let you specify pre-processing for jobs. It will track the execution history of your jobs, making it easier to see when you may need to reconsider your batch processing needs. Some of the features that will be available in OpenJCS include:


v     Powerful Job Queuing System

v     Wide Variety of Dependencies Available

  • Calendar/Time Dependencies
  • Job Interdependencies and Constraints
  • Logical Expression Dependencies
  • Manual Intervention Dependencies
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Runbook Dependencies
  • File Dependencies

v     Sharable Variables for Jobs

v     Ask/Reply Facility for Runtime Value Prompting

v     Rule Sets For Powerful Schedule Customization

v     Virtual Host Definition

v     Custom Region Definition

v     Easy Access to Information About a Job

v     Transparent Relocation of Job Files as Needed

v     Command Line and Web Interfaces

v     Easy Job Monitoring From Any Point in the Domain

v     Integrates With Your Pre-Processors

v     Schedule Recoverability and Redundancy

v     Easy to Create and Manage Dependencies Between Hosts

v     Create Your Own Job Verification Procedures


OK, now that you know a bit about what OpenJCS is, why would we take on such a project? First off, we on the OpenJCS team are convinced that there is a need for this kind of scheduling power. We’ve seen bits and pieces of this kind of system in commercial schedulers, but never all the functionality in a single package. And it seems that every commercial scheduler we’ve seen either wants you to give up some functionality, or try to shoehorn you into their view of what scheduling should be, whether it fits your business or not. We’ve seen schedulers that make you move all your jobs to one place, schedulers that take massive amounts of time to set up, and schedulers that just won’t scale properly. For the prices that some outfits charge, sometimes the real shock is how little you get for your money. We’re trying to end that here. We’re trying to create a freely available scheduler that gives you the power you need to manage your batch loads in a way that makes sense to your business.