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What is OpenJCS?


OpenJCS (Open Job Control System) is an open source batch scheduling and job control system. It uses load balancing, dependency control, scheduling, runbooks, queueing and resource allocation subsystems in order to create a well-ordered, flexible, scalable batch processing system.


What operating systems will OpenJCS run on?


OpenJCS will be rolled out to Linux, Solaris and HP-UX initially, with other operating systems to follow as time allows and demand accrues. It is hoped that OpenJCS will be ported to all POSIX compliant operating systems eventually.


What types of user interfaces are available?


OpenJCS will initially have command line and Web based interfaces available. Java and Windows GUIs may be considered at some later date.


Can I set up custom notifications for aborted jobs?


Absolutely. In fact, you can use anything you can script as an action to be taken for one or more aborted jobs (or for jobs that finish properly).


What kinds of dependencies are available?


A few of the dependencies that are available are: time and calendar dependencies, job dependencies and constraints, file dependencies (even if the files are on different systems), system loading dependencies, manual intervention dependencies, logical expression dependencies, resource dependencies and dependencies based on the value of sharable variables. Dependencies can also be mixed and matched as desired.


What are sharable variables?


JCS variables are similar to environment variables, except that they can be shared between users, jobs, hosts and job queues as desired. They can also be secured against undesired access.